Luke Bryan’s Friends Are Betting On His National Anthem Performance at Superbowl 51 

Posted: 6:03 am Friday, February 3rd, 2017

By Staff Writer

luke national.jpg

Luke Bryan singing the National Anthem at an MLB game in 2012

Superbowl 51 isn’t the first time Luke Bryan has sang the National Anthem at a sporting event. Back in 2012 he sang it for an MLB Game. Luke got criticized by many during that performance because he had written the entire song on his hand and was caught reading them off his arm during his performance. So of course, his Superbowl performance would making him nervous. He did mention that the song is usually a little over two minutes long, but his timing will depend on how nervous he gets. Quote, “There’s no telling how long it may go.  He talked about it at yesterday’s Super Bowl press conference. His friends are trying to make money off how long his performance will be!

Quote, “A friend called and [said], ‘You going long?’ I said, ‘What’re you talking about?’ And he goes, ‘On the anthem. Are you going long?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, come on.'”

“I’m gonna walk out there and follow my heart and follow the vibe of the room. I may get out there and go, ‘I’m about to pass out. I need to get this thing over quick.’ Or, I may get out and feel good in the moment and try to milk it a little bit.” He told ET that there is “no telling how long he will go” and also that this is the “highlight of his career”. Click HERE to see his full inteview with Luke Bryan and ET!