Eric Church’s 5-Year-Old-Son A Part Of Tour Crew 

Posted: 5:50 am Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

By Staff Writer


Eric Church has decided that his 5-year-old son Boone should become a vital part of his tour crew. “Boone’s got a radio, he’s got his flashlight, he’s got a little work belt and his pass, he goes in there, and he’ll make sure that the choir’s ready to go,” Church said in a recent radio interview. Boone has also realized he is a valuable asset to the team and asked his dad for a pay increase of $10 per show. “I shake his hand, and I’m thinking, ‘Good God, I just got hustled,’” Church recalled. “And as he’s walking away, he goes, ‘That’s $30 for the weekend, right?’” Nice way to make your allowance for the week if you as us.