Rascal Flatts Has Opened The First Of 3 Restaurants 

Posted: 5:46 am Monday, August 21st, 2017

By Staff Writer

Rascal Flatts has ventured out of the world of music for a second and has decided to open a few restaurants around the united states. Gary LeVox,the main singer of rascal Flatts, has shared an update on the band’s signature restaurant chain, which will have locations Connecticut, Cleveland and Hollywood. He says, “The first one is open in Stanford, Connecticut…the first one is. So, it takes so long with building permits and everything else, and even longer in L.A. But I think the second one will open October is in Cleveland, but the one in Connecticut looks beautiful and it’s really fun.”  Other member,Joe Don Rooney adds “It’s exciting, it’s a unique venture for us.”

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