Watch: Central Florida Man Gives Up Last Generator To Woman In Need 

Posted: 6:10 am Friday, September 8th, 2017

By Staff Writer

It’s times like this when we need to come together and our community has done just that. We have the military supporting Florida by bringing water and bread to local supermarkets, we have strangers helping strangers, we have people posting to social media to tell others where a supply shipment has been delivered, so much is going on right now. But this…. this stands out. A man at a local Lowes got the LAST generator off an emergency supply truck and this woman bursts into tears as she realized she wasn’t going to get one. Her father is on oxygen and is very dependent on it and so when the man figured that our, he realized her needs were greater and gave his generator to her. The woman bursts into even more tears and hugs him with so much appreciation. Watch the video for yourself… The video was captioned:

“Pam Brekke’s father is on oxygen. She ran into Lowe’s and we watched her breakdown in tears when she realized she had just missed the last generator. A total stranger, Ramon Santiago, saw her too. He walked up and insisted she take his.

This was her reaction.”