More Details Have Been Released On The Helicopter Crash Killing Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry 

Posted: 6:10 am Thursday, September 14th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Some more information has come forward involving the helicopter crash that tragically took the life of a country music legend. Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry died last week in a helicopter crash right outside of a venue that he was suppose to be performing at the night of the crash in Medford, NJ. The NTSB put out their preliminary accident report and found that the pilot lost control because of a throttle malfunction.
He was an experienced pilot and did what he could . . . and that included stopping the engine and performing something called an “autorotation” . . . which basically is an attempt to glide the helicopter to the ground. Obviously, nothing worked.
There have been a few things over the last couple of days that people have done to honor Troy Gentry’s life and life’s work. The Grande Ole Opry shared a video of the duo’s last time performing at the famous venue singing one of their most popular hits, “Where I Come From“- watch it below. Tomorrow is also a big day, as the duo had finished an album before the death of Troy Gentry that they were planning on releasing in 2018 to celebrate the duo being together for 20 years. And tomorrow a song from that album will be released called “Better Man,” so check back here tomorrow cause we will definitely have that for you! 

 At 11pm central time- 12pm EST, there will be a public memorial service for Troy Gentry at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and of course, for fans who cannot make it but would like to be apart of celebrating his life, can live stream the service online from the this website…