Jason Aldean Accused Of Getting Worker Fired Over $500 Burrito Order 

Posted: 6:42 am Friday, September 15th, 2017

By Staff Writer

After a long night of performing a show for thousands of people, you get hungry. So Jason Aldean and his crew got a huge order of about 60 burritos and a quesadilla last week at Black Sheep Burrito & Brews in West Virginia … not far from where the singer was performing. The total for the hole thing ended up being somewhere around $500 but when it came time for Jason Aldean’s people to pay, a worker at the Burrito company claims the tip wasn’t a good one.

According to TMZ, the employee was very upset at the tip amount and he tweeted at Jason for being cheap and a bad tipper. But a few days later it really backfired on him and he got canned. A manager at Black Sheep tells TMZ … Jason or Jason’s people weren’t the one that ratted out the employee about the tweet, it was another employee who told management. As for the firing, the manager says tweeting about customers is a company violation.

Jason’s rep confirmed the large takeout order, but says it “included an appropriate tip.” The rep added, “Jason had absolutely no contact with the restaurant or any of its employees.”