Tim McGraw Tears Up In Interview About His Life 

Posted: 6:02 am Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

By Staff Writer

By Rare Country:

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have never wavered from speaking their truth. They have been honest with their fans throughout their entire musical journey, and in an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” on Nov. 12, they may have just been their most honest yet.

It started when the couple was asked if they ever think about a time when they might stop performing and putting out music. “There are nights when you walk off the stage and you think ‘I don’t ever want to do that again,’” Tim admitted. “It happens.”

And then, Tim seems to break down at even the mere thought of it. And like so many other times, Tim turned to Faith for a moment of comfort. “Oh my gosh,” Faith said as she noticed the emotion on her husband’s face. “That’s so sweet. Look at you baby.”

“Music has brought me everything good in my life,” Tim continued, tears welling in his eyes. “Anything that has happened good in my life has come from music. It’s a treasure to me. Whether I want to do it continually or when I want to stop doing it – it’s my savior in a lot of ways. It brought me to a world I would have never experienced.”

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