See Nicole Kidman Take Fans By Surprise Outside Of The Oscars 

Posted: 6:05 am Monday, March 5th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Well, these fans were definitely not expecting a surprise visit from one of the biggest actresses in the film business yesterday afternoon. A bus full of tourists was shocked when a vehicle pulled up next to them, only for Nicole Kidman to roll down her backseat window and start waving at them. Video posted on Kidman’s Instagram shows the tourists gasping and excitedly waving back at her. “Hi! Oh my goodness!” one woman yelled. Another shouted, “I loved you in The Hours!” Kidman informed the group that she needed to have her hair and makeup done for the Oscars later that evening. “You’re gorgeous,” a fan replied. Kidman laughed and blew kisses to her admirers. “Have a great time, bye!” she cheerfully said before rolling her tinted window back up.