Spoiler Alert: Arie Throws Fans For A Loop In Bachelor Finale 

Posted: 6:01 am Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Well, last night was easily the MOST DRAMATIC EPISODE YET in The Bachelor history! We have been waiting for this moment for a long time… and it all happened around the most recent bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. He became the most-hated man in America on Monday night, after dumping his chosen fiancée to pursue the woman who finished as runner-up. After introducing both Lauren B. and Becca K. to his family during the season 22 finale, a conflicted Arie proposed to Becca and sent Lauren home.

We knew something crazy happened because during the “Women Tell All” episode, one of the previous contestants on Arie’s season, Caroline, had made some snide comments to Arie along the lines of “I can’t believe what you did.” But there were no specifics…

Then we found out last night, just a few weeks after his engagement to Becca K, Arie had a change of heart and decided he needed to call off the engagement in order to pursue Lauren. Adding insult to injury, Arie brought an entire film crew to Los Angeles document the breakup. “After he left, I went through all of the emotions. I was sad, I stayed in [Los Angeles] for a few days, and cried for probably four days straight,” Becca recalled during the live portion of the finale. “And grieved the loss of that relationship and the future that I thought we were going to have. I am angry at times. I feel betrayed a lot of the time, just because I feel like I was lied to for so long.” Arie and Becca will reunite for the first time since he blindsided her on Tuesday night’s live “After the Final Rose” special. It has yet to be revealed whether he is now with Lauren.