Maren Morris Praises Nashville Mayor For Help With Stalker 

Posted: 9:06 am Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Megan Barry, the former Mayor of Nashville is resigning and Maren Morris took some time amid the controversial news to praise her for the amazing help she gave the 80’s Mercedes singer a few years ago…

“I get why it had to be this way, but I’m very sad Megan Barry is resigning,” Maren writes on Twitter. “As the mayor of Music City, she always came to shows. Years ago, she and Sgt. Forrest helped me by taking care of a really terrifying stalker issue I had. I felt safer as an artist in Nashville.”

The Nashville mayor resigned earlier today after she pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from the city in connection with an extramarital affair with Forrest, her bodyguard.

“It has been the honor and it has been the privilege of my entire professional life to have had the blessing of this opportunity to be your mayor. I love you, Nashville,” the former mayor writes on Twitter following her resignation. Vice Mayor David Briley will take over as mayor starting today, Tuesday.

This is Maren Morris’s new single “Rich”. Whatta ya think?