Country Artists That Tried Their Hand In Sports First, And Failed. 

Posted: 6:02 am Friday, March 16th, 2018

By Staff Writer

As a country that is very focused on sports, we are thankful everyday to have fun games like football, baseball, hockey, etc, to watch and go to and participate in. But in this case we are thankful that these people did NOT succeed in them because now they are creating some of our favorite songs. There are several popular country artists who tried their hands at sports before pursuing careers in music. According to Saving Country Music, here are five of them:

Sam Hunt (Football). Hunt played as a quarterback in both high school and college and tried out for the Kansas City Chiefs after graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. When he didn’t even receive a practice squad spot, he switched gears.


Brett Young (Baseball). Young went to Ole Miss on a full baseball scholarship, but only earned two wins and two saves. He then played a season for Irvine Valley before moving to Fresno in 2003 as a college junior–where he blew out his right elbow ahead of a game. At age 21, he decided to pursue music.


Colt Ford (Golf). Ford, real name Jason Farris Brown, was a bad professional golfer for eight years before he decided to give it up and get into the music business as a bad white rapper.


Chase Rice (Football, NASCAR Pit Crew, Survivor contestant). Rice attended the University of North Carolina as a linebacker for the Tar Heels. After graduating college, he worked for NASCAR’s Hendrick Motorsports. Later, he got a gig through a college friend as a contestant on the CBS Series Survivor during the show’s season in Nicaragua. He placed second and won $100,000, which he used to fund his music.


Jason Aldean (Baseball). Aldean was an all-district leadoff hitter for Windsor Academy–a private school in Macon, Georgia. He fielded a few scholarships offers from colleges but decided not to pursue them.