Thomas Rhett Hints That Future Songs May Only Be About His Kids 

Posted: 7:15 am Monday, March 19th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Not only is Thomas Rhett a great performer but he is an even better songwriter! Many of his number one songs have been songs that he had a hand in writing, and those songs ranged from love songs to party songs, to songs about life. But none of them revolved around children or kids. That is about to change for Thomas Rhett…

He says, “I’ve written a couple of songs that just talk about the severe shock of knowing that you’re adopting a child and then you find out that you’re pregnant. So I definitely can see myself, you know, in the near future just pretty much only writing about my children. It’ll be fun to see, see how they act and see what kind of inspiration I can get from them.”

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Country singer Thomas Rhett Atkins Jr (aka Thomas Rhett) photographed with wife Lauren, older daughter Willa Gray, baby Ada James at home in Nashville, TN August 24, 2017. Credit: Julie Paisley Photography (OR photographs by Julie Paisley if a folio credit) Credit for social: @juliepaisleyphotography Must list photographers URL as link in rollout stories Sent in by rep with permission from photographer for use in 9/11 issue AND associated rollout. All additional usage requires permission. See special instructions box.