Luke Bryan and Wife, Caroline, Set New Bar For Embarrassing Parents 

Posted: 6:41 am Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Parent’s, the bar has been raised and you now have a new level of embarrassing you child that you have to hit. Luke Bryan and his wife and Caroline proved that they too are embarrassing parents. In a video posted on Instagram over the weekend, the couple is seen wearing bathing suits and mimicking New Kids on the Block’s choreographed dance moves while humming along to the boy band’s hit song “You Got It (The Right Stuff).” Meanwhile, one of their children can be heard groaning in the background. “Our favorite pastime is to annoy our children,” Caroline captioned the song and dance. The video appears to have been filmed in Hawaii, where Bryan and his family spent part of last month.  Or it could be their Florida beach house… wherever it is, it looks like a great time minus the dance moves. hahah