Thomas Rhett Took The Biggest 3 Moments Of His Life & Wrote A Song 

Posted: 6:39 am Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

By Staff Writer

We knew that new songs would come out about Thomas Rhett’s life when he announced that he was about to go from just a husband to a husband and a dad of two within 6 short months. And we couldn’t have been more write… He literally took his biggst 3 moments of his life, which were all very recent, and wrote an entire song out of it. Thomas Rhett’s new single “Life Changes” covered a lot of ground in his life in the last five years:

He says, “This song was tough because there were more moments like that, that you kind of have to like put them on paper and be like well these 20 things I felt like shaped who I am today, over the last five years. And so we picked three of those and wrote three different verses about them that I thought were the most, just life changing moments that really, I felt like one thing led to another thing and ultimately led me here.”