Taylor Swift Plays Homewrecker In New Sugarland Music Video 

Posted: 7:32 am Monday, June 11th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Taylor Swift nay not be a country music artist anymore but she still can’t resist being apart of things like this. She plays the part of a red-headed homewrecker in the new music video for Sugarland’s “Babe.” It’s a ’60s-styled video, which Taylor Swift nails that look, and she plays a secretary-turned-temptress who causes Jennifer Nettles’ marriage to fall apart. Actor Brandon Routh portrays Nettles’ unfaithful husband. The video concludes with Taylor’s character ending up alone and Nettles’ coming to the realization that she is now a free woman. According to People, Taylor wrote the treatment for the video. She also co-wrote the track with Train’s Pat Monahan for her 2012 LP Red, but it didn’t make the cut.