Jason Aldean And Wife Underwent IVF Again 

Posted: 7:22 am Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

By Staff Writer


The big news in the country music world right now is that Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany are pregnant again? Not even a year after their first child was born. They underwent IVF treatments to conceive this time around as well as the lay time. Their son Memphis was an IVF baby. “I have my two older daughters already, so after Memphis was born we knew we wanted to have another one pretty quick–to go ahead and knock it out and have one that was a little closer in age to him,” Aldean tells People. “I would much rather knock it out now while we’re used to having one in diapers and formula and all of that.” Aldean goes on to say that Brittany’s second pregnancy has been much different than her first, noting, “With my son, Brittany didn’t have any sickness at all, but with [this] baby she’s been pretty sick for the last few weeks, so we’ll see.” The couple announced on July 10 they are expecting their second child together. Aldean is also dad to 10-year-old daughter Kendyl and 15-year-old daughter Keeley.